Countryside Farms Complaint Protocol 

1. Any Member may lodge a complaint against the HOA, Board Member or another Member for a perceived violation of the Associations Covenants and Restrictions (C&R’s), Articles, By Laws, Florida State Law or other actions or activities which may be perceived as being detrimental to the spirit of the Associations general wellbeing or governing documents. 


2. All complaints must be in writing and the Member lodging the complaint must identify themselves. The complaint may be lodged via email or printed using the form below and addressed to the intake person appointed by the Associations Board of Directors. Please understand that Florida is an “open records state” and therefore there is no expectation of privacy with respect to general complaints unless confidentiality is otherwise afforded under applicable law. 


3. The Association Board of Directors will appoint an intake person to receive initial complaints. Their contact information will be posted on the Associations official website, The intake person will review the complaint and communicate with the Member lodging the complaint and make a good faith effort to resolve the complaint in a non-adversarial manner. 


4. If the intake person is able to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the parties, they will document the resolution and provide all correspondence and documentation related to the complaint to the Secretary of the Associations Board of Directors for the Associations files. 


5. If the intake person cannot resolve the complaint or if they feel they do not have enough information or need board authorization, the intake person shall notify the Member lodging the complaint they are escalating the complaint to the Associations Board of Directors in writing and provide the entire file to the Board. 


6. Once the Associations Board of Directors receives the file, they will address the complaint as an agenda item on the next meeting of the Associations Board of Directors. The parties who are the subject of the complaint shall have the opportunity to be heard at the applicable board meeting. Every attempt shall be made to address every complaint that has been escalated to the Board of Directors within 60 days. 

All complaints should be directed to