Please be mindful of our 25mph speed limit

New Street and Stop Signs Being Installed

Due to the age of our existing signs, and after consulting experts, we have replaced our existing street signs with new signs which match the signs of most of the designated designs in our county and have been installed to meet MUTCD standards.  Also, we incorporated beautiful poles with horse fineals at the top to accent our community.

We wish to thank several of the members of our community so far for their advice and support as we install the new post and signs, including Bob Sawyer, John York, Coy Jamerson, III, Christine Cossens, Peter Quinones and John Janakas.


From left to right:  Bob Sawyer, Christine Cossens and John York


From left to right:  Christine Cossens and

John Janakas - Supervising


From left to right:  Coy W. Jamerson, III and

Christine Cossens